Wireless networking is an indispensable tool in this day and age. There is no reason to spend large sums of money on brand new hardware when our vast selection of used wireless networking equipment can do the same job. No matter how large or small your network should be, we can supply the best solution custom tailored exactly to your specific situation.

Optical Networking

We offer a large selection of components for optical networking systems including multiplexers, optical switches, and optical splitters. Customers can choose amid used hardware that has reached the end of its live cycle, brand new devices that were barely used, and everything in between.

Cloud Networking

Cloud has enabled companies of all sizes to use the same enterprise-class applications and solutions as are used by the largest multinational companies on this planet. Cloud networking is synonymous with speed, flexibility, security, and control over the whole infrastructure and data. We work closely with our clients in order to help them smoothly utilize advantages of this new networking paradigm for their benefit and thus gain the upper hand over the competition. Partner with us to discover just what we do to earn the trust of our clients.

VoIP Systems

We offer a wide range of IP telephones for highly competitive prices. You can quickly use your established Internet connection and networking to transmit both voice and data communications over a single network. Not only will see a great reduction in your operating costs, but you will also get to enjoy many advanced features such as door phone entry buzzer integration, call routing, voicemail to email transcription, custom music on hold, call screening, conferencing, and many others. A properly implemented VoIP system can save you many headaches and make the life of your customers just a little bit easier. After all, when it comes to business, every single advantage can make the crucial difference.

Internet Security

The internet poses many threats that could potentially fatally endanger your business and your reputation. These days, customers are well-aware of the importance of Internet security have high expectations when it comes to data protection risk management. We can help you strengthen your defenses and give yourself and your clients the much-needed peace of mind. That way, you can fully dedicate yourself to your core business and not waste any time on issues that should be handled by trained professionals like us.

Network Equipment

You can select from refurbished networking hardware that is in a pristine condition for the fraction of its original price. We carry everything from network routers, switches, storage devices, various network modules, firewalls, and even VPN security systems. We understand all common problems associated with the purchase of used hardware and offer you our expertise in helping you select the best solution for your particular needs. You will quickly discover just how much your company can save without making any sacrifices in terms of performance, stability, and reliability.